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Register a domain name<

Check the availability of the domain names you would like to register. If they are still available, you can order them right here. Thus you will benefit from all the following services free of charges :

  • Full Management in an online interface
  • Web forwarding of your domain and its subdomains
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Local contact service

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  • Full DNS Management
  • Unlimited e-mail addresses ( with spam filter )
  • E-mail address forwarding
  • Free support under 4 business hours

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1. Choose the domain name

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2. Select desired extensions

Select desired extensions

.eu (European Union)

The european continent includes the following countries

.al (Albania)
.at (Austria)
.be (Belgium)
.bg (Bulgaria)
.by (Belarus)
.ch (Switzerland)
.cy (Cyprus)
.cz (Czech Rep.)
.de (Germany)
.dk (Denmark)
.ee (Estonia)
.es (Spain)
.fi (Finland)
.fr (France)
.gr (Greece)
.gl (Greenland)
.gg (Guernsey)
.hr (Croatia)
.hu (Hungary)
.ie (Ireland)
.it (Italy)
.je (Jersey)
.is (Iceland)
.li (Liechtenstein)
.lt (Lithuania)
.lu (Luxembourg)
.lv (Latvia)
.me (Montenegro)
.mt (Malta)
.nl (Netherlands)
.no (Norway)
.nu (Now in Nordic)
.pl (Poland)
.pt (Portugal)
.ro (Romania)
.rs (Serbia)
.ru (Russia)
.se (Sweden)
.si (Slovenia)
.sk (Slovakia)
.ua (Ukraine)
.uk (U.K.)
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Why choose NETIM ?

To benefit from the skills of a reputable registrar managing over 100,000 domain names in Europe, effective technical support and free services to support your internet presence.
< 4 hours
at cost
no hidden costs

Latest News

.PARIS is open!

Since today, .PARIS domain names are open in general availability! Open on a first come, first served basis, .PARIS domains can be registered for € [...]

    Price list

Albania  .AL
$ 20.00
Austria  .AT
$ 20.00
Belgium  .BE
$ 15.00
Bulgaria  .BG
$ 59.00
Switzerland  .CH
$ 15.00
Cyprus  .CY
$ 39.50
Czech Rep.  .CZ
$ 15.00
Germany  .DE
$ 15.00
Denmark  .DK
$ 17.50
Estonia  .EE
$ 29.50
Spain  .ES
$ 15.00
E.U. States  .EU
$ 7.50
Finland  .FI
$ 29.50
France  .FR
$ 15.00
Greece  .GR
$ 17.50
Croatia  .HR
$ 96.00
Hungary  .HU
$ 20.00
Ireland  .IE
$ 34.50
Iceland  .IS
$ 59.00
Italy  .IT
$ 15.00
Lithuania  .LT
$ 20.00
Luxembourg  .LU
$ 29.50
Latvia  .LV
$ 22.50
Montenegro  .ME
$ 25.00
Malta  .MT
$ 64.00
Netherlands  .NL
$ 15.00
Norway  .NO
$ 20.00
Poland  .PL
$ 15.00
Portugal  .PT
$ 22.50
Romania  .RO
$ 47.00
Serbia  .RS
$ 59.00
Russia  .RU
$ 20.00
Sweden  .SE
$ 22.50
Slovenia  .SI
$ 20.00
Slovakia  .SK
$ 32.00
Ukraine  .UA
$ 93.50
U.K.  .UK
$ 15.00
* Additional fees will apply for certain phases of sunrise or landrush