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What is DNS ?

The Domain Naming Service (DNS) is used to establish the correspondence between your site's domain name (e.g.: and the IP address where it is hosted (e.g.: on the Internet. A DNS server is therefore a machine that makes this correspondence possible.

Domain name must have at least one DNS server in order to be active on the internet. However, it is preferable, and sometimes compulsory, to have two or more DNS servers in order to have built-in redundancy (should a server fail) and thereby ensure that the domain name is always accessible.

Our DNS service

NETIM provides a collection of free of charge services that allows you to optimize your DNS management linked to your domain names:

  • 2 secured DNS servers in different locations so as to ensure that your domain names remain accessible whatever happens.
  • A secondary DNS server if you run your own primary server or if you want to secure it with another supplier
  • The option of configuring the zone file, e.g.: by changing the DNS records (A, MX, TXT and CNAME) and the SOA records (TTL, Refresh...). Default configurations are offered via templates (Google Apps, Mobile Me), you can create your own and easily apply them to your domain portfolio.
  • The option of using your own external DNS servers (from 1 to 5) as those of your host.

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