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If you have an Internet Access Provider such as, you have therefore addresses of the type In this case, your internet identity totally depends on your provider's name. If you wish to change it, you will loose these addresses and will have to send your new addresses to all your contacts!!! But with a domain name, you will only have to change the settings in a few clicks....

If you give your e-mail address on websites, you may receive lots of unsolicited messages as newsletters or spams! With your domain name, you can keep your real mailbox secret by creating / deleting e-mail addresses in a few clicks.

Our e-mail forwarding service

NETIM offers a free set of services allowing you to manage the messaging associated to your domain name:

  • Unlimited number of e-mail addresses. For example or
  • The option of defining several recipients for the same e-mail address.
    When an e-mail is sent to your email address, it will be automatically redirected to its recipients
  • A spam filtering to protect your e-mail addresses.
  • 2 secured MX servers in different locations so as to ensure that your e-mail addresses remain accessible whatever happens.
  • The option of sending messages from a personalized e-mail address with a messaging software and a proper setting.

  These e-mail addresses are not mailboxes, they point to your specified recipients. These are not, therefore, POP or IMAP accounts that you can retreive with a messaging software.

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