Procedure for transferring .PL domain names

When you request a transfer for your .PL domain name to NETIM, the procedure below is followed. After transfer, we become the registrar of your domain name.

The transfer is free of charge because this operation doesn't include a domain name renewal.

You will benefit from all our services until the expiration of the domain name, when you will have to renew it.

Transfer a . domain name Transfer a .PL domain name now !

Transfer procedure


The domain name must not have been registered or transferred in the last 5 days and must not expire in less than 6 days

To initiate the transfer of a .PL domain name, you will be asked to provide an authorization code (AuthID). You can obtain it from your current reseller or your domain name's registrar.

Also in order to proceed with the transfer the domain name’s owner must approve the request to the registry by email.

Different stages:

Once your order has been confirmed, we will send a request for the transfer of your domain name to the .PL registry. The latter will contact the owner to request its approval by email, with a link to a secure web page:

  • In the event of acceptance within 5 days, the transfer is immediatly carried out.
  • In the event of refusal, the transfer is cancelled.
  • In the event of failure to reply within 5 days, the transfer is cancelled.

You can transfer your domain whenever you want, no need to wait for the expiration in order to complete the domain transfer.


Important information

  • Deadline for transfer: The day before expiration of the domain name
  • Best date for transfer: Not less than 2 weeks before expiration of the domain name
  • After the transfer: the domain name's expiration date will not be changed.

  • The owner's email address must be valid in order to receive the confirmation request emailed by the registry.
  • The current registrar may not oppose the transfer to NETIM, given that only the owner has the right to approve the transfer. Nevertheless, if the registrar has specified his own email address for the owner, you must request him the approval of the transfer.

Prices and procedures

Austria  .AT Free
Belgium  .BE $ 4.00
Switzerland  .CH Free
Czech Rep.  .CZ Free
Germany  .DE $ 6.50
Denmark  .DK Free
Estonia  .EE Free
Spain  .ES Free
E.U. States  .EU $ 5.00
Finland  .FI Free
France  .FR $ 6.00
Greece  .GR Free
Hungary  .HU $ 10.00
Ireland  .IE $ 18.00
Italy  .IT $ 5.00
Lithuania  .LT Free
Luxembourg  .LU $ 15.00
Latvia  .LV Free
Montenegro  .ME $ 12.50
Netherlands  .NL Free
Poland  .PL Free
Portugal  .PT Free
Romania  .RO Free
Serbia  .RS Free
Sweden  .SE Free
Slovenia  .SI Free
U.K.  .UK Free