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  • The goMobi Setup Assistant is available from NETIM Direct (for customers), or via a direct link with handle and password (for reseller's customers)
  • The goMobi Setup Assistant is available in the following languages : french, english, spanish, dutch, german, portuguese, chinese.
  • You define website's aspect, colors, logo and sections thanks to vignettes.
  • Vignettes are predefined but you can create custom page as if you were on a common site.
    See the predefined vignettes list
  • All changes are performed in real time


  • goMobi is a turnkey solution, you do not need any technical knowledge. Site hosting and goMobi Setup Assistant are provided
  • A host name (domain name or subdomain) is required to access the mobile site.

    For this you can use a domain name (for example or or a subdomain of your domain name (eg NETIM also allows you to use a subdomain of for free.
  • The host name can be changed at will in the interface NETIM Direct. The mobile site is not related to a specific domain name.See this tutorial for more information
  • You must set the hostname's forwarding to the goMobi server into the domain's DNS settings.
    See this tutorial for more information
  • A script can be installed on your traditional site, the latter is available in several languages ​​(php, javascript, java) it autodetects the equipment used by the customer and redirects to the mobile version. Thus users see content automatically dedicated to their mobile device.

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