Benefit for the goMobi solution for your business

You are the CEO of your company and you want your customers to reach you easily?

Nowadays, there are 4 mobile phones to every Personal Computer. However, these sites are designed to be used by a visitor in a computing environment, with a full browser, large screen, mouse driven navigation and in a mostly sedentary context.

By comparison, the mobile user has a small screen and limited navigation tools. Businesses who do not accommodate the mobile user are losing out on significant opportunities. Mobile traffic is less likely to convert to leads because of the difficulties of loading, finding, and accessing key content while on-the-go.

Mobile phones seem to be the future of the web, and correlatively, of business opportunities. Do not miss the opportunity to expand your network and your potential customers address book ! GoMobi let you extend your web exposure, and consequently, your sales.

You are a website design or developer ?

Propose your customers to create a mobile website as a counterpart of their classical website !

Help to extend their communication with a dedicated mobile website and allow them to catch more and more users.

You are an Internet Service Provider ?

Join the reseller program NETIM and resells mobile websites!

Our API integrates the functions required to operate websites and make the necessary changes such as the suspension, renewal, hostname modification, etc..

NETIM currently working on the availability of supply in third-party applications such as WHMCS or Hostbill

Do not pass on potential customers! In addition to domain names. MOBI, add goMobi to your portfolio of services benefiting from an unbeatable price.

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