.NET.AU domain name
.NET.AU is a second-level extension of Australia.

Mainly dedicated to activities in connection with the Internet and networks, this extension is restricted to legal entities registered in Australia.

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$ 22.50 / yr *
$ 22.50 / yr *
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Registration period
2 years
Registration timeline
Activation timeline
6-12 hours
Renewal period
2 years

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Registration rules

Registration of a .NET.AU domain name is subject to the following conditions:

A company, business name, partnership, sole trader or association registered in Australia
A trademark valid in Australia

Domain name:
The domain name must be an exact match, the abbreviation or the acronym of the registrant's name or the trademark name,
or be closely and substantially connected to the registrant

Examples of exact match, abbreviation and acronym:

Registrant Type
Example Name
Exact Match
Australian registered company  Coles Myer Pty Ltd  colesmyer.net.au
 cmyer.net.au  cm.net.au
Trading under an Australian registered business name  Jane's Cake Shop  janescakeshop.net.au
Australian partnershipor sole trader  Turner and Turner James  turnerandturner.net.au
Australian Registered Trade Mark  Coca Cola  cocacola.net.au
 coke.net.au  cc.net.au
Australian incorporated association  Professional

Examples of close and substantial connection:

Close and substantial connection category
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
 Product thatregistrant manufactures or sells  Registrant is in the automotive industry  Registrant is in the hospitality industry  Registrant is in the IT industry  Registrant operates a women's clothing  store
 Service that registrant provides  car-repairs.net.au
 Event that registrant organises or sponsors  car-rally.net.au
 itworld.net.au  fashionshow.net.au
 Activity that registrant facilitates, teaches or trains  learntodrive.net.au
 hospitality.net.au  htmlskills.net.au
 Venue that registrant operates  calderpark.net.au  hotel.net.au
 internetcafe.net.au  store.net.au
 Profession that registrant's employees practise  mechanics.net.au

Transfer rules

To initiate the transfer of a .NET.AU domain name you will be asked to provide an authorization code (AuthID). You can obtain it from your current domain name's registrar.
You must also ensure that no protection against transfer is activated at the current registrar.

The transfer is free of charge because this operation doesn't include a domain name renewal.
You will benefit from all our services until the current expiration date of the domain name, when you will have to renew it at the pricing in force.

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