Email addresses

Nowadays, email is undoubtedly among the most common computer applications.

In order to envoy your emails every days, the different features below are included in our Spamora offers.

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Use the main features described below to optimize your email management

Custom quota

Each mailbox has a custom quota to avoid exceeding allowed ressources. Unlike other providers, the quota is not limited to a few gigabytes. You are free to create a mailbox with 10 GB and another with 100 MB... However the sum of quotas can not exceed the total disk space allowed by your offer.

Email addresses with forwarding

Once an email is received, it is forwarded to the destination email address (internal to the domain, or external such as a gmail address or your Internet provider).

Email addresses with aliases

Once an email is received on the alias address, it is stored on the associated mailbox. In other words, an alias is the secondary name of a mailbox (for example is an alias for which will store the received emails).

Domain names with aliases

All mailboxes will be functional with the alias domain name. Once a message is received on the email address of an alias domain name, it is stored on the corresponding mailbox of the main domain. (for example is an alias for, which will store the received emails)


A catchall, as its name suggests, allows you to collect all messages received to email addresses that do not exist. Once such email is received, it is ultimately stored by the catchall.

Autoresponder service

In your absence or permanently, you can set an automatic response when a mail is received.

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