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Whether you are a novice or experienced, our Website builder solution (based on Web Presence builder by Plesk) will help you develop your digital presence easily with a high quality result.

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Use the different modules available to add content on your website.

Thanks to the "Drag and drop" function, a module can be placed anywhere you want, whether it's on a specific page or all of them.

Text module
Add an hypertext link, a text area or an image.

Slider module
Add an image slider with customisable transition settings.

Gallery module
Add an image gallery.

Blog module
Add a blog section to your website. Your posts are automatically published.

Map module
Displays a map (Google Maps) and navigation controls, based on your location.

Script module
Let you insert personal scripts in PHP or Javascript in any area of your website. Helpful for using widgets. 
(Available from the offer M)

Social module
Let your customers share your content on social networks.
Ecommerce module
Add a shop on your website with the E-commerce platform Ecwid.
(Available from the offer M)

Banner module
Add a banner on every page, and can include an image, title of the site, a logo or a flash animation.

Contact module
Add a contact form.

Search module
Add a search area for the content of your website..

Video module
Integrate videos from your Youtube, Myspace or Dailymotion accounts.

Pub module
Add an advertisement block on your website, such as Google Adsense program.

Comments module
Add a comment zone where your customers can leave a message on the website or on a specific page.

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