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Whether you are a novice or experienced, our Website builder solution (based on Web Presence builder by Plesk) will help you develop your digital presence easily with a high quality result.

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Manage every aspect of SEO for your website

Verify the ownership of the website

Most of search engines require an ownership verification when a website is registered on webmasters services such as Google Webmaster Tools. Manage this verification by easily creating or uploading the verification file.

Edit metadata

Metadata are informations aimed at search engines, web browsers and any indexing tools. Indicate metadata which will be added to every page of your website.

Google Analytics

Follow the statistics and analyze your traffic by using Google Analytics. Get the tracking code in your Google account and easily add it to your website.


Some search engines ask for a sitemap, in order to analyze and optimize your website search results. Upload your sitemap, which will be updated at every publication.

robots.txt file

This file allows you to block your website from being indexed by search engines. You can edit your robots.txt file by adding the corresponding entries.

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