Our commitments

In order to be a web services provider worthy of this title, we must be both transparent and professional and this is we are committed to you.

5 commitments concerning domain names

To accomplish its missions as a registrar, Netim has been accredited with dozens of extensions. This differentiates us from those who are just domain name resellers, and this ensures that you get a reliable, high performance and high quality service.

  1. Respect of the owner's status.
    Registrations are made in the name of the owner specified on the order and declared in this quality at the domain name registry. We also guarantee that the owner's e-mail address will never be replaced by a NETIM address.

  2. Respect of the registration rules imposed in different countries.
    We will not try and get around these rules in order to sell more domain names.

  3. Compliance with codes of conduct related to domain name management.
    NETIM is a signatory to the codes of conduct such as the .it.

  4. Allowing the client be free to transfer his domain names to another registrar. This includes providing the authorisation code free of charge.

  5. Refunding the customer when NETIM has incurred no costs for the realization of a request.

5 commitments concerning web services

  1. To not violate correspondence privacy.
    Without the express consent of the customer, NETIM will not access to customer data, including email accounts.

  2. To maintain a high-quality service.
    Because hosting is the backbone of your business, our commitment is total, like we would do for our own business.

  3. To respect the laws in force and provide a responsible service.
    We refuse to host data against ethic or international laws(pedophilia, pharmacy, racism, ...)

  4. To give access to data at anytime.
    Each customer is the owner of its data and is free to obtain a copy on request.

  5. To host data in France.
    Clouds do not always guarantee the storage location. In France, your data will be protected from foreign legislation such as the American Patriot Act.

Concerning our services in general

In addition, for all our services, we are committed to :

  • Not sell our client list.
  • Provide technical and commercial support for all client questions within 4 working hours
  • Not discriminate in any case. Each customer is treated equally, whatever their country of origin or their turnover is.

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