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Our web hosting plans

Servers and data hosted in France


Starting out? Try out our Lite plan
Free with every domain name purchase
  • 1 website
  • 250MB SSD storage
  • 1 x 1GB email address
  • Allocatable mailbox
  • Database
  • MySQL 8.0
HTTPS included:
logo lets encrypt
logo sectigo


For simple websites
20% Off
$2.00 Excl. VAT /month
For the first year
was $2.50 Excl. VAT /month
  • 1 website
  • 10GB SSD storage
  • 10 x 2GB email addresses
  • Allocatable mailbox
  • 1 x 1GB database
  • MySQL 8.0
HTTPS included:
logo lets encrypt
logo sectigo
30-day money-back guarantee


For companies with multiple associates
29% Off
$5.00 Excl. VAT /month
For the first year
was $7.00 Excl. VAT /month
  • 1 website
  • 10GB SSD storage
  • 50 email addresses
  • 100GB allocatable mailbox storage
  • 1 x 2GB database
  • MySQL 8.0
HTTPS included:
logo lets encrypt
logo sectigo
30-day money-back guarantee


For performance and peace of mind
24% Off
$10.00 Excl. VAT /month
For the first year
was $13.00 Excl. VAT /month
  • Up to 30 websites
  • 300GB SSD storage
  • 250 email addresses
  • 500GB allocatable mailbox storage
  • 30 x 5GB databases
  • MySQL 8.0
HTTPS included:
logo lets encrypt
logo sectigo
30-day money-back guarantee

Why would I need a hosting service?

Your website can’t be up and running if it’s not hosted anywhere. We understand your needs can go beyond hosting itself depending on your projects. That’s why our hosting plans all come with additional services.

How do I choose a web hosting plan?

We recommend answering the following questions to help you make your choice:


How critical is performance to your website?

In other words: how many websites and email addresses do you plan on having, what do they need to run properly, etc. With this information in hand, you will be able to assess your business needs and their scalability.

You only have one website but it’s resource-intensive? Choose our Premium plan and enjoy high-performance services.


How much storage space is necessary?

Whether it concerns disk space or mailbox size, storage capacity is an important criteria to consider before making a decision. Assess your storage needs and prioritise services which will need the most storage space.

Don’t want to limit the storage capacity of some services? Our Premium plan has got you covered.


How many databases do you need?

The bigger your digital project gets, the harder it becomes to store every piece of information your website needs to access. It can even become impossible if you don’t use an essential tool: databases.

Databases allow you to manage and organise all your website data: user interfaces, forum posts, settings, etc.

Why choose Netim to host my website?

Web hosting fast and efficient

For speed and performance

We only offer SSD hosting plans. SSD storage devices have greater access speeds and higher bandwidths than their HDD counterparts.

Unlimited traffic, the latest versions of PHP and HTTP/2 all make for a faster response time and more efficient data processing.

And lastly, being on the DNS Anycast network means your website will benefit from a fast DNS response time, wherever you and your users are located.

For our Wordpress or Prestashop One-Click install option

WordPress, the most popular CMS (Content Management System), lets you create your website or your blog in seconds!

Thinking about setting up an e-shop? PrestaShop allows you to set up your e-shop and sell your products with a simple-to-use control panel.

Web hosting for Wordpress and Prestashop
HTTPS and SSL security

For security

Let’s Encrypt DV SSL certificates are included with all our hosting plans.

We also offer Sectigo certificates (formerly known as Comodo certificates) for even more security. Sectigo certificates include an insurance policy for online transactions. Additionally, they allow for the obtention of an Extended Validation certificate, which displays your company name when the browser padlock icon is clicked (the equivalent of the discontinued “green bar” feature).

Our Anti-DDoS and file recovery services finish off our array of security solutions.

With Netim, all your data is guaranteed to be hosted in France.

For our high-performance email services

With our Mail+ plan, you can create up to 50 email addresses with a shared storage space of 100GB you can allocate to each mailbox as you see fit.

A webmail service as well as anti-spam and anti-virus solutions are there to strengthen the security of your email address.

Email hosting
Customer support team

For our skilled customer support

We know creating a website has its challenges. That’s why our customer support team has been trained to be able to answer all your questions about hosting and email setup.

Our team will answer your questions in English or French from 8am to 6pm (UTC +2), Monday to Saturday within 4 business hours.

For our simple-to-use control panel

What better way to make your life easier than to take full advantage of our user-friendly but complete control panel? We redesigned Netim Direct to better suit your needs. New settings were added regarding renewals, security, domain name management and hosting. Get familiar with those new features and handle all your domain-related services like a pro!

Intuitive Netim Direct interface

Frequently Asked Questions

To host a website, you’ll need to connect a web hosting service to your domain. To do so, type the domain name you want to register in the search bar. Once the domain name is in your cart, you’ll be asked to choose its hosting plan.

If you already registered a domain name, simply add a hosting plan to your cart and process your order! You can also transfer your domain to Netim and group all your services under one provider!

Every domain name registration comes with our Lite hosting plan. Though you can enjoy this free web hosting plan at no additional cost, keep in mind it only gives access to limited features.

All our web hosting plans include the CMS (WordPress for example) of your choice. All that is left for you to do is pick and choose your desired theme and start designing your website, blog, portfolio, online resume, etc.

To change your hosting provider, you need to migrate your files and databases. If your site was created via a CMS such as WordPress, there are some plugins that can help you carry out these migrations without any technical knowledge.

To avoid any unfortunate manipulation, we advise you to contact our support team if you wish to be assisted in this process.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

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