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Domain transfers include a one-year renewal if not free

Transfer your domain name to Netim and benefit from our no hidden fees policy.

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Why transfer your domain names to Netim?

By choosing Netim for your domain name consolidation, you’ll gain access to 1236 TLDs including 706 Country Code TLDs (ccTLDs) at the best price –no hidden fees. And what’s more, you’ll fully benefit from an array of options and services to cover all your needs.

Customer satisfaction is our priority. Taking your feedback into consideration, we redesigned our user interfaces to make them much more user-friendly and efficient.

Here at Netim, we aim at delivering all the help you might need. Our customer support team is here for you, 8am to 6pm (UTC +2), Monday to Saturday within 4 business hours. Do you need to get in touch with one of our departments? Please use our contact form!

How to transfer a domain name?

You have to:

  1. Disable the Registrar Lock on your domain via your current Registrar account or directly contact them
  2. Get your domain transfer code (also called Authorization Code or Auth-Code) from your current Registrar
  3. Complete the transfer process through our website

The domain transfer process, once initiated, will be completed in five days (typical delay applicable to a .com domain, for example).

Certain TLDs, mainly ccTLDs, might require a slightly different process. To learn all you’ll need to know about specific TLDs transfer information, please check our TLDs info cards.

Included with your domain name

Excellent quality/price ratio
Global DNS Anycast
Whois privacy when available on the registry side
Unlimited redirects
No hidden fees
1 x 1GB email address
SSL certificate
250MB SSD storage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on its TLD, you may benefit from a free domain transfer. If not free, the domain transfer includes a one-year renewal fee in most cases.

Domain transfer processes may slightly vary depending on the TLD –so do delays. As a general rule, transfers will be completed in 3 to 5 days and might only take a few hours in some cases.

Domain name management and web hosting are two different services and two different businesses.
Most web hosting companies offer domain name registration and vice versa. However, you are free to choose different providers for each service.

You will be asked to provide a domain transfer code (also called an Authorization Code, Auth-Code or transfer code) to transfer your domain name to Netim.
This step is not always mandatory but it can be required to complete your domain transfer. Its purpose is to help identify the domain name holder, ensuring the person initiating the transfer is legitimate.

You can:

  • retrieve your transfer code by logging in your current Registrar account directly
  • ask your current Registrar for your domain transfer code. According to ICANN regulations, Registrars are required to provide you with the domain transfer code within 5 days. More about the Authorization Code.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

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