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Region of Brittany (FR)
$ 47.50  
$ 23.00
Address in the region of Brittany
Registrant who is member of association
A website in breton (even partially) published within 6 months
A website promoting breton culture (even partially) published within 6 months
Region of Catalonia (ES)
$ 17.00
A website in catalan (even partially) published within 6 months
A website promoting catalan culture (even partially) published within 6 months
Dedicated to charity events
$ 32.00
Dedicated to churches
$ 32.00  
$ 14.00
Dedicated to communities
$ 32.00
Region of Corsica (FR)
$ 41.00
An individual with an address on the territory of Corsica
A legal entity with an office registered in Corsica
Any individual who has and can prove a direct or indirect link attachment with Corsica.
Dedicated to Wales
$ 20.50
For the Desis
$ 20.50
$ 59.00
Dedicated to faith
$ 29.50  
$ 7.00
Dedicated to fans
$ 18.50
Region of Galicia (ES)
$ 59.00

Physical person or organisation with a nexus to the Galician community, at the time of registration and thereafter.

The website must have

- A significant content in Galician language, although it has other languages.; Or
- A content in relation with Galician culture or online services specifically targeted to the Galician community and contributing to their full development.
Dedicated to the LGBTQ community
$ 36.50  
$ 9.50
$ 59.00
Dedicated to groups
$ 23.00
Dedicated to the Irish community
$ 20.50  
$ 9.50
Laos / Los Angeles (US)
$ 36.50
For Latinos
$ 27.50
Dedicated to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community
$ 43.00
$ 20.50
Moh-ay in Japan culture
$ 20.50
Dedicated to museums
$ 47.50
The .museum TLD is open to any individuals or legal entities, anywhere in the world, that can substantiate their link or interest with a museum activity. No particular proof is required, but a check may be made to avoid exploitation of the domain name that is not permitted by the .museum registry.
For New York City
The City of New York desires to have only those individuals or entities having a substantive and lawful connection to the City be permitted to register for .nyc domain names.

A natural person whose primary place of domicile is a valid physical address in the City of New York; Or
An entity or organization that has a physical street address in the City of New York.

The existence of a P.O. Box address shall not qualify for purposes of meeting the Eligibility criteria.

Registrants must agree, that they are in compliance with all relevant Federal, New York State and New York City laws, including the tax requirements for conducting business via the Internet (currently at

Registrants must remain in compliance with the applicable eligibility criteria for the entire period of such domain name’s registration by the registrant.

Registrants may not license, sub-delegate or otherwise transfer .nyc domain names to third parties that otherwise fail to meet the requirements of this Nexus Policy.
For Scottish people
$ 36.50
Tirol region (AT)
$ 36.50
Dedicated to trust
$ 2,260.00
For videos
$ 29.50
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