Transfer process for Generic Domain name
Transfer of a 'generic' domain name to or from Netim follows the ICANN's process 'Inter Registrar Transfer Policy'.
It applies to every generic domains and all registrars without exception.

The domain name must not have been registered or transfered in the past 60 days, nor renewed within the last 45 days.

Status and protection
The domain must have an 'OK' status. You can verify the status of the domain name by performing a Whois lookup and looking for the 'Domain Status' value.

If the domain is protected against transfers, the status 'clientTransferProhibited' or similar will be shown. In this case, the protection must be removed by your current registrar.

Autorization code
In order to initiate the transfer you will be asked for an autorization code. You can get this code from your current registrar.

Contact email addresses
To perform the transfer, it is mandatory that the administratif contact and/or the owner of the domain accept the operation. Check in the Whois that the email address of the registrant and administratif contact are valid and accessible. If this is not the case, you will need to update them at the current registrar if possible.

Transfer process

In compliance with the ICANN rules, we ask the administratif contact and the owner for their approval of the transfer request by email. They will have a 5 days delay to respond.:

  • If all responses are positive within this delay, the transfer is immediatly carried out.
  • If no response was received, the transfer is cancelled.
  • If the owner or/and the administrative contact deny the request, the transfer is rejected.

If the confirmation from the contacts cannot be optained by email, a written document procedure can be followed.

If the transfer can be initated, we send the request to the registry along with the autorization code. The registry then checks the transfer request with the current registrar whom will have a 5 days delay to respond:

  • If the response is positive within this delay, the transfer is processed.
  • If no response is received, the transfer is automatically processed.
  • If the registrar denies the request, the transfer is rejected.

Once the transfer is finalized, a year is added to the expiration date of the domain name..

If you wish to transfer many domains at once, a mass transfer procedure is available.
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Whois Information
Perform a Whois lookup on you domain to verify the requirements

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