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In order to make best use of your domain name, the various services and features below are included for free for any domain name managed by NETIM.

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Hide your personal data from the Whois

When a domain name is registered, its information including ownership and contacts are published in a Whois database. This publication is mandatory according to the registration rules, which keeps the Whois database updated, as mentioned and approved in the domain registering conditions.

Since 25th may 2018, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation ("GPRD") has inforced new rules regarding personal data processing.
Thus, in Europe, most Whois have become private and the information belonging to individual are now hidden. However it is not the case worlwide and no subject to legal entities.

This service completes the native whois privacy in order to ensure you are anonymous in Whois databases.

Our whois privacy service

This service will help you to:
  • Keep your personal information private
  • Eliminate domain related spam
  • Prevent domain name hijacking
  • Block harassers and stalkers
  • Shield new legitimate business

NETIM can protect your personal data by two way:

1) By replacing registrant's and contact's data by those of the service.
Without whois privacy With whois privacy
John Doe Whois privacy contact
Company X NETIM
100 avenue de champs Elysées 264 avenue Arthur Notebart
75000, Paris, France 59160, Lille, France
+33.123456789 +33.972307477

2) By enabling, thanks to local law concerning personal data protection, a non-disclosure mechanism at the registry level.
Data could be fully hidden or partialy disclosed and the feature could be reserved to individuals only.

At anytime, you can publish or hide your personal data in the Whois directly in the control panel. See the tutorial "Hide the information on the Whois"

Contact the official owner of a domain name

NETIM makes available to third parties a form at the following addresses:
Contact form

Private whois is not available for every extension and, depending on the country, the list of hidden data may vary.
The domain registrant remains legally responsible for the domain name.

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