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.NET.CN is a second-level extension of China.

Mainly dedicated to activities in connection with the Internet and networks, this extension is nevertheless open to all and for any type of project.

Register your domain name

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$23.00 Excl. VAT /year
$19.00 Excl. VAT /year
$12.50 Excl. VAT
$116.00 Excl. VAT
Change of ownership
$33.50 Excl. VAT
Registration period
1 year
Renewal period
1 year
Registration delay
1 à 3 days
Transfer delay
5 à 10 days

Netim works closely with the Registry

For some extensions, there is no accreditation possible. Netim is then in contact with the Registry or one of its local partners.

Whatever the case, we take care of everything and make your experience just as smooth. Your domain is in good hands.

Included with every domain

Unlimited forwards
1 email address of 1GB
1 Let's Encrypt SSL certificate
Worldwide Anycast DNS and DNSSEC
250MB of SSD drive space

The .CN is open to everyone without condition.

.CN domain names are allocated on a "first come, first served" basis.

However, documents will be required:

  • If the owner is an individual, you must provide a copy of an identity document (national ID card, passport).
  • If the owner is a company based in China or Hong Kong, you must provide a copy of your Business License.
  • If the owner is a foreign company, you must provide a copy of your certificate of incorporation and a copy of the ID card/passport of the legal representative.

In order to transfer your domain name to Netim, you must disable transfer protections and obtain the authorisation code from your current Registrar.

The transfer may take several days.

When the transfer is finalised, a year is added to the expiry date of the domain name.

The .NET.CN requires the signature, by the holder, of an update request form. This document will be sent to you by email once your order has been validated.

The change may take several days due to manual processing.

Once finalised, one year will be added to the expiry date of the domain name.

The extension does not support special characters.

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