Domain Auto-renewal

Renewing your domain name is as necessary as it can be easy to overlook. And missing a domain renewal date can have damaging consequences for your domain name, your website and all related services (web hosting, email hosting, etc).

At Netim, we want to help you avoid ending up with an expired domain and having to pay restoration fees. And that’s why we made an auto-renewal service available to all our customers. How does auto-renewal work and how can you enable it?

Don’t risk missing a renewal date ever again.

How can auto-renewal benefit your domain portfolio?

As a rule, we send email reminders 30, 15 and 7 days before their domain expiration date as well as a final reminder on the expiration day itself. All email reminders are sent to the email address linked to your Netim account.

However, we have learnt from experience that those email addresses may not be checked regularly.

Do you already know which of your domain names are crucial to your business? Is not renewing them out of the question?

Then our service might just be what you need. Our auto-renewal service makes for easy, hassle-free renewal management: once the service is enabled, your domains are automatically renewed a few days before their expiration dates, keeping your valuable domain names secure.

How do I enable Netim auto-renewal service?

Complete the following steps to enable our auto-renewal service:

  • Go to your control panel and enable the service for all desired domains, hosting services, etc.
  • Top up your Netim account to cover renewal fees or add a valid payment method to your account

Your domain name will be automatically renewed 7 days before its expiration date, provided your Netim balance can cover renewal fees or a valid payment method has been added to your account. A receipt of the purchase is then generated.

If the automatic payment fails (balance is not sufficient, expired payment method, ...), we will send you a payment failure notice every day until the domain is expired.

Domain name auto-renewal

When should I renew my domain name?

Your domain name can be renewed at any moment, there is no need to wait for the expiration date to renew.
Whether you renew your domain a day after it has been registered, 60 days before it expires or on the day it is set to expire, the starting date of the one-year renewal period will always be your domain expiration date. In other words, you won’t “waste” part of your renewal fee if you renew your domain name before its expiration date.
Plus, you will avoid the risk of having to pay for a domain restoration fee.

How to renew my expired domain name?

You have a few options to reactivate your domain.

Let’s take a .com domain for example:
All domain services are suspended the day after the expiration date. This includes your email addresses, websites, web hostings –everything is shut down. At this point, you have 30 days to renew your domain name at no additional cost, this is what is called the Grace Period.
Once those 45 days are up, your domain enters the 30-day Redemption Period. You can no longer renew your domain, your only option is to restore it. Keep in mind restoring your domain name costs significantly more than renewing it.
If your domain is not restored during those 30 days, it will be deleted in the following 5 days. Anybody will be able to register it, which exposes your domain to drop catching.
Domain name expired

Frequently Asked Questions

You have three different ways of renewing your domain with us:

  • Via your Netim account.
  • Via one of the renewal reminder emails you were sent.
  • By enabling our auto-renewal option.

To learn more, please go to our Help Center and click on our tutorial: “How to renew a domain name

You can access the expiration date of any given domain by querying Whois databases. The exact proceedings and time periods before a domain name is deleted vary from Registry to Registry.

Renewing your domain name is the only way to keep it, and all its related services (hosting, email, etc.), active. If your domain name is not renewed, you could end up sustaining additional costs to restore it or outright losing it once it has been deleted.