Email forwarding

Our email forwarding free service is included with all your domain name registrations and web hosting purchases.

What is email forwarding?

Our email forwarding service allows you to create personalised email addresses based on your domain name (, for example). Every email sent to those custom addresses goes through anti-spam filters before ending up in your actual email inbox.

Any email address, even if hosted on an external domain ( for example), can be used to receive forwarded emails. In a nutshell, our email forwarding service makes it possible to redirect emails from a custom email address to an existing email address.

What does our email forwarding service include?

  • An unlimited number of email addresses to cover all your needs. For example or
  • The option to set multiple recipients for each custom email address.
  • Anti-spam and anti-virus filters to protect your regular email addresses.
  • The option to send messages from a personalised email address, provided an email client program is installed and configured as needed.

Use cases

redirect email forwards emails to

Every email sent to will go through our forwarding servers and end up in the inbox.

If your email address is displayed on several websites, you can end up receiving a lot of unsolicited messages or spam –especially if your personal data has been sold to third parties.

By creating forwarding email addresses, you avoid giving out your actual email address and you will also be able to manage your public email addresses at the push of a button. Plus, both those perks will help you identify which websites monetise your data.

As previously mentioned, forwarding email addresses are not email accounts with inboxes.
Do you require email addresses that can receive, store and send emails? Learn more about our email hosting plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn how to forward emails to another email address, please go to our Help Center and check out our “Email forwarding” tutorial. Alternatively, you could go to your Netim Direct control panel, click “Domain list” and then “Email forwarding” to access our tutorial.