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Nowadays, email is undoubtedly among the most common computer applications.

In order to envoy your emails every days, the different features below are included in our Spamora offers.

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Be mobile and access your emails at anytime

With the democratization of tablets and smartphones, it becomes increasingly easy to stay connected and access emails at any time, any place and with any device.

However, the proliferation of devices increases the need to keep their mailboxes synchronized. We offer this possibility thanks to IMAP protocol available in all our offers.


Imagine you have a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet all connected to a Wi-Fi network. You will be able to set-up these 3 devices to access your emails in IMAP. Therefore if you:

  • Read an email on the smartphone, it will appear as read on the other devices.
  • Send an email from your tablet, it will appear in your outbox on the other devices.
  • Delete an email on your laptop, it will disappear from your inbox and could be restored from the recycle bin on the other devices.
  • Archive and organize your emails into custom folders, you will find the tree structure on the other devices.


The address book is not managed in IMAP and can not be synchronized in this way. However, there are different solutions available depending on the software and operating systems used.

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