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Nowadays, email is undoubtedly among the most common computer applications.

In order to envoy your emails every days, the different features below are included in our Spamora offers.

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Different methods are available to check your mailbox :

POP protocol

This protocol allows you to download the data locally on your computer with an email software, freeing up space on your email accounts.

Unlike IMAP, data can be accessed while offline (not connected to Internet) but backups are your responsibility.

IMAP protocol

Thanks to the IMAP protocol, data is accessed directly online and is stored on our servers.

Unlike POP which downloads data locally, this protocol allows access to information anytime and anywhere while keeping the synchronization of emails received, read, sent, or deleted between devices or terminals used.

Which protocol to choose ?

The choice of protocol depends on your usage.
Check the comparative on our wiki

Configuration tutorial

We provide a list of tutorials to guide you through the setup of the most common email softwares or mobile devices.
Tutorials on our wiki

These protocols are available in SSL, to ensure an optimal security in all exchanges with our servers.
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