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Nowadays, email is undoubtedly among the most common computer applications.

In order to envoy your emails every days, the different features below are included in our Spamora offers.

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Less spam and viruses with our high quality filter policy

We are fighting against spam which we consider to be Internet's biggest scourge.

Our solution uses a large range of anti-spam tests and an advanced network to allow it to filter out up to 99% of unsolicited e-mails.

  • Anti-spam engine based on well known open-source software like Spamassassin, ClamAV, ...
  • Up to 99% of unsolicited mails are stopped
  • Use of SpamHaus technology and lists
  • Automatic learning process using Bayesian networks

idea Following the detection level, a portion of unsolicited emails are delivered in the spam folder of mailboxes.
It is thus possible to retrieve potential false-positive and move it to the inbox folder.


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