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Nowadays, email is undoubtedly among the most common computer applications.

In order to envoy your emails every days, the different features below are included in our Spamora offers.

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Check your emails from anywhere with a simple web browser

Webmail is an online appplication that allows you to fully use your mailbox with a simple Internet connection and a web browser. 

We use Roundcube which most noteworthy feature is the intensive use of Ajax technology that presents an interface more user-friendly than that of traditional webmail... The interface is fully responsive and adapts to any device (smartphone, tablet or computer).

Roundcube offers multiple features and has been extended with plugins :

  • Available in over 60 languages
  • Full support for MIME and HTML messages
  • Multiple sender identities
  • Support of draft messages
  • Support of folder management
  • Full featured address book with group support
  • Searching messages and contacts
  • Spell checking
  • Deferred sending
  • Calendar
  • and many more ...

Webmail access

Webmail is accessible from the webmail subdomain.
For example, if your domain name is, you can access webmail by visiting

Webmail screenshots :

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