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Sell your products online with the Ecwid E-Commerce module

What is Ecwid ?

Ecwid (pronounced "eck-wid", abbreviation for "e-commerce widgets") is an E-Commerce application that is easy to integrate on a website.

Thanks to a web interface, you can:
  • manage the catalogue by adding products and creating categories.
  • customize how the products are displayed and how to browse the catalogue.
  • define the methods of shipping, shipping fees and taxes.
  • select the accepted methods of payment.
  • duplicate your shop on Facebook.
  • Follow the sales, the customer base, the shipments and the stock.

Ecwid is a turnkey and accessible solution to sell your products or services online.

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The web interface is available in 16 languages (French, English, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Catalan, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Czech).

The shop displayed on the website, however, only supports one language to be chosen among the 45 available.

Installation on the website

Use the E-Commerce and Basket modules on the pages where you want to display your shop.
Simply fill the requested informations to create a free account on the E-Commerce platform.

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Costs of the platform ?

Ecwid is free up to a 10 product catalogue.
You can then subscribe to a package in order to increase the volume of your catalogue and have additional features.
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