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Whether you have a personal website, an institutional website or an online shop, our web hosting offers can fit your needs for most of projects.
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Many features to avoid compromise

In addition to emails, databases, statistics and SSL, features below are also available depending on the offers:

Domains and subdomains management

A web hosting allows to publish one content, which will be displayed through the main domain name (associated with the hosting), but can be extended to an unlimited number of domains, considered as "aliases". All domain names will then display the same content, as for example your .COM domain and your .FR domain.

Subdomains, meanwhile, are considered as other websites and allow to publish separated content. However, they can't have "aliases" domain names.

DNS management

If your domain name is managed by another registrar, you simply need to update it to use our nameservers.

DNS management allows to update DNS records of the domain name or its subdomains in order to use custom settings and, for example, to use an external email service or point the domain to a webserver.

DNS records that can be managed are : A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV, as well as SOA records.

File, directories and FTP access management

An online file explorer is available from the control panel. It allows to download/upload or edit files without any FTP client software.

The management of protected directories is simplified with the generation of .htaccess and .htpwd files without technical knowledge.

FTP access management allows to change password and create new users with specific rights (read/write) on directories.

Logs management

Downloading logs files (including visit logs) is available.

Scheduled tasks management

You can create scheduled tasks, to execute scripts at specific hours or days.

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