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Thousands of wholesale partners trust us to manage their domain name portfolio. Why not you ?

With our pricing and services reseller-focused, you will get a registrar service responding to your expectations.

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Dedicated to organisations
€ 11.00 / yr *
City of Las Vegas (US)
€ 28.70 / yr *
€ 8.00 / yr *
Dedicated to E-Commerce
€ 8.00 / yr *
Dedicated to US corporations
€ 1,995.20 / yr *
Dedicated to any web project
€ 1.00 / yr *
Dedicated to links
€ 5.00 / yr *
For New York City
Not available
For the artistic sector
€ 6.00 / yr *
For the best
€ 2.00 / yr *
Laos / Los Angeles (US)
€ 24.10 / yr *
€ 7.80 / yr *

Discover the wholesale pricing for all extensions

Accredited and trusted

Being accredited by numerous registries allows us to remove the middleman as much as possible.

This guarantees a fast and efficient service for each of our extensions while keeping in mind that wholesale price must be as low as possible.

Thousands of resellers trust us around the world and new ones are joining us every day.

Reseller-focused pricing

Be competitive in the market by enjoying our best pricing.
From day one, you get the tiers 5 of our degressive pricing table.

The rates applied are based on the operating cost + management fees generally in the amount of € 2

This calculation, simple and transparent, is applied from the first domain name.
(no application fee, no entrance fee, no yearly fee, no commitments)

A complete control

Whether you are new or experimented provider with a large portfolio of domain names, you will find the management method best suited to your situation.

A web interface to manage your Reseller account and your portfolio online.

An API for complete automation of daily operations from your system.

WHMCS to sell all domain name extensions through our module.

Expert services for professionals

All our services included with domain names are available to resellers.

Get our DNS Anycast service which guarantees a high availability for domain names and a complete management of DNS zones.

Use custom name servers and envoy our white label features on your reseller account.

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