Brand protection - GlobalBlock blocking systems

Globalblock protects today, in one single operation, a total of 424 extensions.

Protect its online presence has become a major strategic issue for trademark holders. Seeing the number of extensions, and the perspective of a short term increase of this number, many trademarks struggle to protect effectively their online identity : cybersquatting, phishing... This can damage their reputation and can be potentially very expensive.

In order to offer the largest blocking system, GlobalBlock has joined forces with various generic ( .pro, .info, .email, .llc, etc.) and national registries ( .co, .io, .id, .rw,, etc.), as well as all of the extensions included in the DPML (Domains Protected Marks List) of Identity Digital.

The Web3 has not been left behind with the following extensions included, at no additional charge, in the GlobalBlock Protection : .888, .altimist, .anime, .binanceus, .bitcoin, .blockchain, .crypto, .dao, .go, .hi, .klever, .kresus, .manga, .nft, .polygon, .unstoppable, .wallet, .x, .zil, .pudgy.

Benefits of GlobalBlock protection services

Here are the advantages of registering your trademark as a GlobalBlock/GlobalBlock+:

  • Blocking of premium domain names (with high added value) from the first level of GlobalBlock service
  • No TMCH registration needed
  • Priority Autocatch : automatic blocking of domain names that fall back into the public domain after being deleted by the Registry
  • Real Time protection : without having to meet the eligibility criteria of various extensions (cctld among others)
  • Budget control: less expensive solution than defensive registrations (especially with the multiplication of possible variants and homoglyphic declinations)
  • Blocking of variants : in order to block key words containing your trademark (GlobalBlock+ option)

Level of brand protection available

GlobalBlock / GlobalBlock+

Globalblock protect today, in only one operation, a total of 424 extensions.

  • 1 to 3 years protection period
  • 424 extensions covered: see the full list
  • Protection for trademarks, company or trade names
  • Exact match block
  • Premium domain names block
GlobalBock+ option
  • Exact match block for all of the labels if the trademark is registered at the TMCH
  • Block of Homoglyph variants

Comparison table of GlobalBlock offers

Product GlobalBlock GlobalBlock+
Registries Various registries
(country and generic)
Number of extensions 424
Duration 1 to 3 years
Premium domain block
Variant label block
TMCH registration optionnal

How can I subscribe to a brand protection service?

Please contact our sales team to learn more about the eligibility criteria and subscription process.


Yes, you should ask your current registrar to communicate the authcode associated with your GlobalBlock or GlobalBlock+ protection. When the transfer is finalised, a year is added to the expiry date of your protection.

Here is an example of the information that is visible in the Whois of a domain name blocked by GlobalBlock or GlobalBlock+ protection:

This name subscribes to the GlobalBlock / GlobalBlock+ product; therefore, this name is not available for registration.

Yes, the GlobalBlock or GlobalBlock+ protection will block all available matching domain names, including premium domain names.

Once the domain name is deleted, it will automatically be added to the block as long as the blocking service is active.