Secure your website with an SSL certificate

If your website has a customer area, an order phase or any kind of sensitive data, providing navigation in secure mode (https) is recommended to reassure your customers and/or users.

The SSL certificate encrypts data between the user and the server hosting the data ...

Starting from $ 29.00 */year

What is an SSL certificate ?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) is a method of securing transactions conducted on the internet. It is based on the principle of encryption using a public key when transmitting data between the client and the server.

The SSL certificate is a file that, combined with its public and private keys, guarantees the confidentiality of data transmitted between the web server and the user's browser.

Our SSL offers

There are mainly two types of SSL certificates.

Standard certificates only secure one URL, i.e a subdomain such as or All files hosted on this URL will then be secured by SSL and a lock icon will be displayed in the navigation bar.

Wildcard certificates
, meanwhile, secure all subdomains of a domain name.

We offer these two types of certificates delivered by RapidSSL Certificate Authority.


Type of certificate : Standard
Number of secured subdomains : 1
Encryption : 256 bits
Browser compatibility : >99%
Replacement : Free
Warranty : 10000 USD
$ 29.00 */year


Type of certificate : Wildcard
Number of secured subdomains : Unlimited
Encryption : 256 bits
Browser compatibility : >99 %
Replacement : Free
Warranty : 5000 USD
$ 148.00 */year

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